Evil Do'ers Will Be Smitten By The Wrath Of Gargoyles

by Gargoyles

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Sean Adshade
Sean Adshade thumbnail
Sean Adshade Pretty sweet album. its like an infusion of ambient psytrance with a reggae spice to it. one of my favourite works to come out of Ott (even if its a colab) Favorite track: Gargoyles - Evil Do'ers.
Banjhakri thumbnail
Banjhakri Ott. and SImon, It's magik like this that helps to revoke the CURSE OF GREYFACE...I'm almost POSITIVE...and by the way gentlemen, i think you guys are missing 3 songs on this album (you must have forgotten...) you guys must have meant to put 5 songs on this album, theres only the 2, but missing 3 others? yah, it would have been the 2+3=5 songs....so i patiently await the other 3 songs which are inevitably coming....right?? ;^) Favorite track: Gargoyles - Evil Do'ers.
Tom Ryder Runton
Tom Ryder Runton thumbnail
Tom Ryder Runton Ott & Si Posford (Hallucinogen, Shpongle and Twisted Records Ubermeister) combine (again) so effectively to produce these two great tracks.
It's like an extra chips sidedish 'on the house' - Ha HAH! ;o) Favorite track: Gargoyles - Evil Do'ers.
Dean Hawk
Dean Hawk thumbnail
Dean Hawk You two hear the music in everything, I love it. Favorite track: Gargoyles - Spacebaby [Sieberg-Witten Mix].
BASSisSACRED thumbnail
BASSisSACRED Ott. and Simon (from Shpongle) et al. Yes. Yes.


Two tracks I made with Simon Posford and others which were released as 'Gargoyles'.


released February 21, 2014



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